£80,000 Compensation Payout for Man who Lost Big Toe in Mower Accident

A man from Derbyshire suffered an horrific workplace accident in Buxton, losing his big toe after a lawnmower ran over his foot. His former employer, High Peak Borough Council has paid him £80,000 in workplace accident compensation due to the multiple operations and forced absence from full-time work since the accident took place.

The 47-year old man was working on mowing a grass bank when he tripped over the stump of a tree and hit his head, becoming unconscious as a result. As he lay on the ground unable to move, the lawnmower continued to move forward, running over his foot and slicing through his left boot and into the big toe with the blades.

Immediately after the incident, the man’s big toe was amputated in surgery, but an infection developed and he was also diagnosed with suffering from post-concussion syndrome where he suffers memory loss and headaches. This condition also heightens the risk of the man developing epilepsy.

Lost Big Toe in Mower Accident

Phil, who doesn’t wish for his surname to be published, said: “My injury has changed everything. Now that I can’t drive manual vehicles, my job prospects are limited. I’m taking part-time work here and there but it’s nowhere near as stable as before my accident. It’s not just affected my work but my personal life, too. I’ve lost confidence and even getting around the house is a lot more difficult. I’m only 47 but I feel like this injury has slowed me down so much.”

At the time of the accident Phil was forced to spend nine days in hospital as he recovered from his injuries and then a further three-months off work completely. Upon his return to work duties he was given lighter tasks, but his contract ended soon after. He has since had to take lower-paid jobs as a result of his injuries, due to his limitations with regards to working and driving.

His accident injury solicitors took the case, as they believe his former employer has failed to adequately assess the risks of the job he was injured performing. The fact that there was a hidden tree stump in the ground meant that the grass verge Phil was mowing was unsafe for a council worker, and with some pre-planning on a simple level this accident could have been prevented from taking place at all.

Both the physical and psychological damage it has caused, as well as the long-term impact on employment prospects has led to the compensation amount being claimed. High Peak Borough Council claimed that a full investigation was conducted into the workplace accident, where no further action was taken.

They believe they followed all relevant welfare procedures to support Phil in the wake of the workplace accident. If you have suffered a workplace injury, you may wish to contact an expert accident at work solicitor to advise on your legal options

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