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Amazing Effects Of Reandron

Reandron 1000 also known as Andriol or Nebidol or Testosterone undecylate or Testosterone undecanoate depending upon the country and manufacturer is a form of synthetic or laboratory created anabolic androgenic steroid designed to mimic the effects of testosterone. It’s more commonly used in UK Australia and New Zealand and is just one of the many brand names of testosterone undecanoate. Steroids are gaining popularities these days and with the advancement of various technologies, new drugs with amazing features are being introduced in the market. The drug itself is supplied by numerous global vendors and suppliers and It’s price depend on which pharmacy you purchase from, but is available for $142 from Chemist Warehouse in Australia. Because synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids are known by different names, it’s always recommended that potential users identify it by its molecular formula: C30H48O3 as most of them contain some ratio of similar chemicals: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Others contain nitrogen. It is an injection solution commonly used in a 1000 mg/4 mL product. Of course, purchasing the drug from underground labs may be different in regard to milligram strength and solution volume.  It is designed to enhance and promote development and maintenance of male sex characteristics. It’s most commonly used in medical situations as a testosterone replacement therapy in men diagnosed with hypogonadism or low testosterone levels. Most guidelines for use of testosterone undecanoate warn that it is not suitable for benefits like muscle gain , nor increasing strength, It is intended for injection dosages to be given every 10 weeks to 14 weeks, In medical scenarios this is adequate to increase and maintain testosterone levels in hypogonadal treatment scenarios.

Amazing Effects Of Reandron

It’s benefit include Performance enhancement, Increased IGF-1, Increased red blood cells, Increased protein synthesis, Increased nitrogen retention, Growth Factor Plus from, Inhibition of glucocorticoid hormones and is Useful in cutting or bulking cycles. However a number of side effects are associated with benefits like muscle gain, if it is taken in high dose. Then there will be some side effects like:

  • Weight gain
  • Headaches (may include migraines)
  • Priapism (frequent, long-lasting, and often painful erections)
  • Increased sense of anxiety or nervousness
  • Changes in mood or behavior such as increased irritability
  • Changes in appetite
  • Interrupted or disrupted sleep (some experience insomnia)
  • Temporary pain at the injection site.

 So before using any anabolic androgenic steroid – including Reandron 1000 –one should take the time to research the drug; not only the benefits, but the potential for side effects and adverse reactions. Not every user experiences the same side effects while it, but it’s always recommended to start out at lower dosages to gauge how the body reacts to it. If any of the side effects persist then consult with your doctor or physician immediately.  Before taking any steroid do some research on personal basis? It will prevent you from falling into any scams.