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Bristol Woman Criticises 20mph Zones after 3 Speeding Charges in a Month

 A woman from Bristol says that she has been ‘made to feel like a criminal’ after being caught speeding 3-times within the space of a month within temporary 20mph zones in the city. Rosy Allan, who is a local business director, said that her business could suffer as a result of the nine-points added to her driving licence. This comes despite her thoughts on speeding being ‘something everyone does’.

Police speed cameras picked up Ms Allan, 30, three times and has been warned that if she is caught for a fourth time to be speeding she will lose her licence. Her business, a cleaning company in Bristol could now be in jeopardy due to the nature of the business and she feels that the system in place penalises those speeding at 70mph in the same way as those speeding at 26mph, something Ms Allan doesn’t deem fair.

Bristol Woman Criticises 20mph Zones

The Bristol businesswoman stated, “I do respect the 20mph limit but no one drives at that speed. It’s so hard to drive at that speed’. The company she runs consists of three employees and two directors, meaning that there is more pressure on other members of staff to take on her duties that involve driving in the work van to meet with clients, potential clients and suppliers. She believes that in order to cope with the situation the business may have to turn away clients.

Each separate notice of speeding took place in the Fishponds area of Bristol, with the most recent coming on Downend Road on the 23rd February. The 20mph zones in Bristol have been controversial since being introduced, though a YouGov poll has indicated that the majority of people (7 out of every 10 people) support lower driving speeds, including many motoring solicitors.

This study can be allied to the research conducted by the University of the West of England, which found that each year four or more lives have been saved through the reduction of speeds to 20mph since 2014. In Ms Allan’s case there isn’t the option to pay for a driver awareness course rather than having the points added to her licence, with her speeding solicitor unable to mitigate away from this penalty.

This is due to Ms Allan being caught going past a red light without stopping, as well as the speeding offences in recent times. She added: “I’ve never had a point on my licence and I’ve been driving eight years. Eight years of careful driving now I’m being penalised. I know it’s not okay but I’m going 26mph. It’s going to destroy my business”.

It will be interesting to see whether there are any more cases of the 20mph zones catching people in Bristol. This case should certainly act as a deterrent to other drivers, especially those reliant on driving for work purposes.

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