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Checklist to Follow for Choosing the Right Catheter

Urinary catheters happen to be a complex and diverse group of medical products. But no matter what you choose, if you are going for self-catheterization, there are certain things that you need to know. It is a must that you be aware of the basic things so that you can make an informed decision.

Prior to going for self-catheterization it is always advisable to go for a meeting with a professional medical practitioner like a urology nurse and discuss the basic checklist that you need for practising self-catheterization. Here a checklist is put forward just for your aid in this case. Read on to know more:

Checklist to Follow for Choosing the Right Catheter

  • Efficiency of the Catheters – You must know that there is a particular length of the tube (.cm/.in) that is ideal for you. This is vital for handling and complete bladder emptying without any infection. You must ask the nurse about the right length of the catheter that will ensure complete bladder emptying, offer stable handling facility and at the same time, will provide you with better protection against infections. It is absolutely essential to know the width of the tube (CH/FR) for better emptying.
  • Safety of the Catheter – You must enquire about the proven long term safety of the catheter. Ask whether there is any clinical evidence that will tell you whether the catheter that you are going to use (frequently or on a regular basis), is safe for you or not. It is also important to gain knowledge about the Hydrophilic coating of the catheter that ensures minimum harm to the urethra and maximum comfort during catheterization. At the time of buying ask whether the catheter has hydrophilic coating that keeps the catheter slippery both at the time of insertion and withdrawal of the catheter to offer maximum comfort and protection to the urethra. Another thing that you need to probe about is the softness of the catheter. Ask whether the catheter is pliable enough to not harm the urethra and cause any kind of bleeding.
  • Suiting Lifestyle Requirements – You have to introspect a lot of things regarding your lifestyle. Think about whether the catheter will be easy to integrate into the lifestyle. Think whether it will be discreet enough. Your convenience will be much more if you can fold your catheter and put it in the pocket. You should also try to find out if it has everything that you need like collection bag, water, handling aid and so on. Last, but not the least, try to find out if you have a hanging option for this.
  • Convenient Handling – This is of utmost significance. You should look for a great handling aid that offers a non-touch technique for minimum bacterial contamination and a steady grip. So prior to purchasing you should check whether the catheter offers a great grip for safer and better handling. This way you will be able to use it without any reluctance.

The above are some of the things that you must check prior to buying a catheter. This is absolutely imperative without which you should not go for the purchase. Before buying you should also check the Nelaton catheter price so that you have complete knowledge and can make a worthy purchase.

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