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Generally, financial advisers and pension providers have to follow instructions and guidelines by the Financial Authority code of practice. However, there are some providers and advisers who fail to follow these strict guidelines. Moreover, the result of this action is that their clients pull out a pension plan that was not appropriate for their requirements. In the worst case, they moved their existing pension into a more risky investment. This is all about mis sold pension compensation and today, mis-sold pension claims are on the rise.

Pension Justice

In the UK, there are various different kinds of pension mis-selling. And Pension Justice is here to help all those people who want mis-sold pension compensation that they may be entitled to. However, there are many people in the UK who aren’t fully certain whether they are eligible for the claim or not. Luckily, Pension Justice is always ready to help clear out their all questions regarding mis-sold person claims. If you have been advised poorly, then you may be entitled to compensation. Here are some points that determine whether you have been mis-sold or ill-advised:

  1. If you have a feeling that your pension provider or financial adviser didn’t provide you with wholesome information, you’re required to make a decision about the plan of your pension.
  2. If the adviser didn’t take any points of your medical issues that you have.
  3. You have been convinced to move your existing pension into SIPP or SSAS, which are more risky investments in overseas funds, carbon credits or property.
  4. If you’re feeling that you did not get the chance to shop around for the ultimate deal or offers at that time.

This situation can havedisastrous consequences for you and your loved ones when you retire and your pension is not enough to live your life comfortably and smoothly.

What to do if you findyou want to claim a Mis-sold Pension?

You just have to contact Pension Justice. Their main purpose is to help their clients to have mis sold pension compensation without much trouble. At Pension Justice, you areguaranteed that you have a specialist and expert legal service that will genuinely help you. The best thing about them is that they work on a rule, i.e. no win, no fee. It means if they fail to help you receive compensation, then they will not charge you a single penny.

Furthermore, you can tell your all issues to the Pension Justice Team and the team will completely understand your problems and give right assistance and advice. Up till now, every mis-sold pension claimhas beena hassle-free and simple process. They will not give you any lengthy forms to fill, unlike others and they will handle this on your behalf professionally. Their mis-selling services include transfer to a self-invested personal pension, non-standard investment & personal pension and transfer from final salary scheme. For more information about them, you can visit their official site.

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