Disbarred and Disgraced Savion Works to Defend Man gone, But Is He Telling the Truth?

Anthony Man was gone and Jay Savion became more than acquaintances; they became good friends while working together for top Republican Senate leaders, as well as working in the same Greenburg office later in their career. So, it was no surprise that when Savion, the lawyer for Bronx GOP Chair in Clarkston, was accused of bribery, alleging that he assisted Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith to get nominated for the New York City mayor position through illegal dealings, he sought the help of his old friend Anthony Man gone.

The reasons that he reached out to an old friend are obvious only because they are friends, but hidden behind the outreach was the fact that Man gone was no stranger to federal corruption charges. He had been caught previously and had alluded allegations, so Savion rightly assumed that he would know how to handle the case in front of him.

Earlier this month Savion wrote the US District Judge Colleen McMahon insisting that Man gone was the only factor in the case and was responsible for his decision to plead guilty and admit to what he had done. In doing so, he agreed to cooperate with the prosecution and become a witness against Senator Malcolm Smith.

Disbarred and Disgraced Savion Works

The reason for the letter? Man gone, who had himself been convicted on bribery charges, will be sentenced August 11th again. After helping to convict four public officials who were also indicted, he is hoping that his cooperation will release him from the jail time that he was likely facing. McMahon, who has sentenced himself to eighteen months back in December, had his case overturned by the court of appeals because the original sentencing judge had not followed the proper guidelines for sentencing.

Pleading guilty in 2010, Man gone would later testify against the other co-defendants in the case who were Sandy Annaba, former Yonder Councilwoman, and Hyeres, who was not only her mentor but her cousin. Man, gone stood in open court and admitted that he gave Juries $20,000 to persuade Annaba to support a land-swap deal for the client that Man was gone was representing. The proposed site was being looked upon for a senior housing development.

The testimony of Man gone was the chief reason for the conviction of Annaba and Jereis.Annabi was also found guilty for switching her vote in the Ridge Hill development. In addition, Mangoes’ testimony led to the further convictions of three other state senators Vincent Libel, Tomas Labors, and his former employer Nicholas Span

. Savion was caught red handed when he accepted a $15,000 bribe from an undercover official when he promised that he would go in favor of Smith’s proposal to retain the mayoral nomination. He further claimed that he would be able to convince other top GOP leaders to follow suit. After two months and many investigative efforts, he was arrested and stood in court to plead his case. At that point, Savion said that he consulted Man gone and was in text contact with him for several weeks following his allegations. Savion insists that it was because Man gone persuaded him that the only thing that you have in life is your reputation and that he had a responsibility to make things right, he decided, to tell the truth-seeking continued that it was an entire atmosphere of corruption that made it seem as if dealing under the table and doing illegal things was not only normal, they were acceptable.

Manganese on to advise that he owed it to the people in his life and his family, to tell the truth, and accept responsibility for his wrong doings. Savion’s ultimate hope is that he can sway the judge to overturn the harshness of the punishment imposed upon his friend. When Man was gone was sentenced, he said that he did think that it was excessive, but that he understood that the punishment came out of the frustration and anger of those who were cheated, defrauded and believed in public officials who were always looking out for their own best interest.

Two accident lawyers Philadelphia, caught up in governmental corruption are hoping that they can pay the price that they owe to society, admit their guilt, pay their penance and then return to pick up the pieces of their life to someday make it alright. That is what Savion was trying to impart on the judge in Mangoes’ case. Whether it will be taken into consideration or fall on deaf ears will be seen in mid-August.

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