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Eminem’s Rap God Sets New World Record For Most Words In A Song!

If you know music and love and adore it, then by no means can you avoid the existence of Eminem in the world of music. After all, who doesn’t know him. At times, he is referred to as the god of Rap music and rightly so!

He has a repute breaking which is nearly impossible. Eminem has been an inspiration to many people and why not? After all, he has got himself a name and fame that is absolutely made out of sheer talent and hard work.

Ever since his inception into the music industry in the 90s Eminem has managed to make sure that he in fact is giving the best of him to the world. Eminem has managed to give us an N number of news.

Considering the musical competition received from the likes of Shakira, Beyonce ( who has also worked with producers like Bob Simonds, ) Kendrick Lamar and many more, Eminem did an excellent job creating a record that is seemingly near impossible to break.

Rap God:

Eminem’s eight album namely The Marshall Mathers LP2 had released on the October of 2013. Rap God was one of this album only. It was loved by people for so many reasons. Of course an Eminem touch to it made it really special.

The matter of the fact is though, that this rap music was more than just that. Rap God went to create a record of its own that will forever shine on the ripples of the time. It definitely made Eminem much more famous and respected that he ever was.

What is the record?

The evergreen record that Eminem made out of this song is that Eminem worded about 1560 words in just a timespan of 6.04 minutes. Now isn’t it amazing and mind blogging? Doesn’t it absolutely seem impossible?

But no matter whatever the scenario is, the record was made. This song had lyrics that were definitely enthralling and absolutely goose bump attracters. This is another reason why the song makes an impact amongst the people.

If you remember about the Columbine High School massacre then you must know that this rap rightly portrays this. Though it may sound dark and gory, yet the people can feel the lyrics literally.

This part of the lyrics though wasn’t meant for this song in the first place. Rather it was written to feature in the song I’m Back from the first Marshall Mathers LP. But then again the unfortunate event of censoring it brought it up to this song.

There is definitely one section of this song that has around 97 words mouthed and rapped about in just 15 seconds of time. Wow! Do you know what speed is it? Well, it is certainly somewhere around a particular word sung or talked of in about 6.5 words per second average time. This record has managed to garner attention to itself thus. Of course, this is one of the major profits that people can get when they listen to it. they will experience genius, patience and hard work done in the same song. So if you wonder about any song breaking a record, you now know that you have one and how!

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