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Every Student’s Nightmare: Getting their Car Towed from Campus Parking

Campus parking can be a nightmare since most of the spaces are already being used. There are more students than ever going for the same 9 am class and taking their own cars. When you’re rushing in the morning to get to campus on time you will park your car anywhere and not think about the consequences of being in such a rush. This will most likely lead to being issued a ticket or coming back to find that your car has been towed.

Charges for these parking offences are at least 150 US dollars for a minor offence. Most students can barely afford to get by on a day to day basis and this acts as an excessive burden on them. Illegal towing has also become a prevalent problem with campus authorities who will pick up student cars without going through proper procedure. There are also many other issues regarding parking on university campuses.

Every Student's Nightmare

The Problem with Student Parking

For the longest time, college students have collectively addressed the issue of on campus parking and its inadequacy. Most students commute by bringing their cars. Most of them come at the same time slot for a number of classes and tutorials so there is always a disparity ratio when looking for a spot to leave their vehicle in. Besides this, faculty parking is usually in the same lot as students, which further reduces the empty spaces that could be availed. There need to be viable parking solutions for this urgent matter.

Avoiding Unfair Towing of Student Cars

Avoiding a parking fine and getting your car towed has become a tricky business. Although it can seem unavoidable at times, it is up to management to make sure their students aren’t undergoing extra stress because of their commute. They can use an app to register license plates and inform students in case of a violation or disturbance with their vehicle, making effective communication the end of all unfair regulatory measures.

Colleges Taking Affirmative Action

Colleges impose some unfair rules on student drivers when it comes to on campus parking. With the restricted time limits and reduced availability of spots there are increasing problems. Expensive tickets are being issued to young people who work minimum wage jobs which further creates problems. This has also gone as far as people using the disabled parking area because of no other space, which alienates and harms disabled students who really need this leverage. Colleges need to take action by making some changes for the benefit of their students.


There is a high demand for adequate campus parking and not nearly enough space for the student body. The staff and management can use the tools at their disposal to reduce this issue. They can use a diverse class schedules to accommodate vehicles at different times. Or they could promote carpooling so that the amount of cars parked at a single time is lesser. Moreover, they could also give standard passes to students with daily parking needs and assign slots to avoid any future confusion.

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