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Getting the Right Type of UK Business Visa

The United Kingdom has a culture of welcoming people from different backgrounds for business, tourism, and even for permanent residence to those who qualify.  The flexible Visa types issued for business to successful entrepreneurs and their families can potentially lead to permanent residence and the right to become a British national.

To enable a wide range of business people to do business and pursue their goals in the United Kingdom, the government offers a number of Visa options. However, applicants must demonstrate and meet the thresholds required for them to establish themselves in the United Kingdom. The following are some of the business Visa categories you can apply for either directly or through a British Visa immigration application consultant.

UK Business Visa

Tier 1-Exceptional Talent Visa

This Visa category is for applicants who are recognized the world over as people possessing potential world leading talent or are world leaders already. The fields targeted are arts and science. The applicants are required to make their initial applications from abroad. If for any reason, you are currently in the United Kingdom under a different immigration category, you cannot switch to exceptional talent Visa category.

Successful applicants are given temporal residence and can live and work in the United Kingdom or even set up a business without any restrictions. In addition, successful applicants will access the public-school system and tertiary education under the same condition as the nationals.

Tier 1-Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

This Visa allows the United Kingdom to retain graduates with non-European origins as long as they have been identified by the country’s higher education institutions as people who have developed entrepreneurial skills or innovative ideas. The Visa extends their stay in the United Kingdom even following graduation so as to establish themselves and more businesses. Initial applications must be made in the UK and in the event the applicants are in the UK under a different immigration category, they can switch to Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur category.

Tier 1-Entrepreneur Visa

This Visa is targeted at people investing in the United Kingdom. The investment could be through a takeover or setting up of a business. The investors must be actively involved in the management of businesses in the UK. This is a points-based system and for you to qualify, you need to score 95 points on the minimum for attributes such as availability of funds, disposal of the funds, and where the funds are held.

Tier 1-Investor Visa

This Visa caters for individuals who have the intention of investing huge sums of money in the United Kingdom and also have an aim of making the United Kingdom their main home. The condition is that the investment must be productive and capable of generating wealth for the United Kingdom economy. Initially, you will be granted this Visa for a maximum period not exceeding 3 years so as to allow you to conduct market research with a view to identify appropriate business to invest in. If you satisfy all other relevant requirements, you can qualify for an extension of this Visa.

Other business Visa categories include sole representative Visa, business visitor Visa, and Turkish businessperson Visa.

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