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Hit a Cyclist? Get Representation

An accident between a car and a cyclist can be a harrowing experience, and unfortunately, regardless of whose fault it was, it is usually the bike rider who ends up with more injuries.

When you are driving close to a bike lane, you need to be more aware of your surroundings. Bike riders can be children, who are prone to lose awareness of their surroundings. Accidents involving vehicles and cyclists can occur because of many scenarios. It could be someone opening a door of a parked car on the oncoming path of the cycle. Sometimes cars tend to switch lanes or make turns and the bike runs into the vehicle. Cars when merging into a main street can bump into cycles.

While understanding legal scenarios is important, you should also know what actions are required when an accident of this type unfolds. Your main priority is to attend to the injured rider. While you check on him or her make sure you also reach out to the emergency services immediately. Do not leave the scene before the first responders have reached. Accidents like this would require you to interact with law and order representatives, and you are expected to cooperate fully.

Hit a Cyclist

Who is negligent?

It is quite a possibility that the cyclist involved in the incident was negligent of the traffic and safety rules. As a driver, you should always remember that cyclists are also subject to traffic laws. Cyclists may not be wearing the mandatory safety gear, or their bike lighting is not present. They may be riding recklessly, veering into the lane of the car, or are distracted by a gadget.

You are not necessarily liable to compensate the cyclist for any damages. No matter how bad the damage to the other party, you have to be pragmatic and understand that you cannot take the guilt based on emotion.

Why is an attorney important?

In all probability, the cyclist you hit will have his or her legal representation, which means you have to do the same. Attorneys have a very crucial role in case of conflicting accounts and their role is to give you the best legal representation possible. Your attorney can also be your representative when you deal with the insurance company after the accident.

There have been cases when involved parties have tried to negotiate and ascertain the situation on their own. But accidents are a complex issue, and the lack of expertise can lead to more deadlocks and conflict. If you are not a legal expert, you will overlook important details. An experienced attorney will be able to analyse not just the chain of events that led to the accident, but more importantly, the different scenarios that you will face as the case moves forward.

When you are searching for a lawyer, find a trusted platform where you can choose your professional per the legal category your case falls under. The foresight of an attorney can be the major difference as you try to avoid huge costs, in light of this unfortunate event.

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