How to Win a DUI Case

Driving when drunk or high is a serious criminal offense in most states. Being stuck with a DUI charge for the rest of your life is even worse. Facing DUI charges is confusing and scary for new clients. In most cases, especially with a failed breath test, a plea bargain seems attractive.

Like hiring a tutor for math, you should hire a lawyer who will help you cheat the DUI charges. The nastiest thing you can do is get a lawyer who will only convince you to take the bargain plea and let it slide. Never go down with a fight, even when you are facing a DUI charge.

Win a DUI Case

Tips on How You Can Win a DUI Charge

  1. The Win Attitude

If your lawyer has the “win no matter what” attitude, and you are confident of winning, it will go down to the jury and the judge. Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. Get a DUI lawyer who is always prepared, who knows his/her stuff and has read the case and the case file. Such kind of a lawyer will stick to the goal – winning!

  1. Never Plead Guilty

Never plead guilty, it’s a trap! If you are paying a lawyer to help you win the case, then make it worth your money by not pleading guilty. Hold strong, and make sure the lawyer is holding strong as well. Even if you failed the breath test, never plead guilty, ever! Stick to the end.

  1. Prepared Lawyer

Make sure the lawyer you hire comes thoroughly prepared. Preparation makes a big difference. Verify that the lawyer gets to court with knowledge of the file, knowledge of the facts, knowledge of the law, and knowledge of the defense.

A lawyer who is determined will even bring an expert to challenge the results of the test. Since most DUI cases are not dismissed before the actual trial, your lawyer can go to a jury trial. However, if the police have a sloppy procedure and you can be able to get the case dismissed. Go for it. Going to trial is not always the best option especially with an apparent DUI case.

  1. Hire a Lawyer with DUI Knowledge

Hiring a criminal lawyer is a recipe for failure. Make sure you get a lawyer who knows the DUI law pretty well. Make sure he or she knows the subject cold otherwise your chances of winning are next to none. Check if the lawyer you want to hire attends DUI seminars, knows about all DUI publications, or if they have a reputation of being a sound, good, and professional DUI lawyer.

  1. Thorough Interview

Before going into the trial, make sure you and your lawyer thoroughly go about how your story will be presented. The interview will help you determine whether you will get along with the lawyer if you are comfortable with them handling your case, and it will also be a chance for you to see how determined the lawyer is actually to win your case.

Once you get into the court, the only focus should be winning. If you feel as though your lawyer is not committed to that, get another DUI attorney.

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