Family Law and Divorce

Knowing The Many Cases under the Family Law

Family law also known by the name matrimonial law is a legal affair that entails things like divorce, child custody, domestic partnerships,adoption, surrogacy and several others. Basically everything thing that will have an impact on your daily living, is considered under Family law and there are specialized lawyers for each type of case.

The Marrison Family Law of Colorado Springs specializes in divorce cases mainly and has been delivering excellent service to the residents of the place for more than quarter of a century. The key to a successful lawyer is the abiloity to be able to fit into the shoes of your client, and the attorneys at this law firm are perhaps able to do that perfectly. This is what contributes to their cliental and reputation.

Family Law

The Family law cases are a type of civil case, but the parties involved in it are mostly relatives, either by blood relation or by marriage. There is a separate court for handling the family law cases known as the Family court. The following are the most common cases that are handled here:

  1. Dissolution of Marriage: commonly known as Divorce and according to the Christian faith known as Annulment, it is basically the separation of the husband and the wife due to some unacceptable issues in their marital life. In fact separation can also be granted by the court and it is the court that decides the various other factors like property division, child custody, alimony, etc. that entail with this estrangement.
  2. Child Custody and Paternity : the first one is about the entitling the responsibility of the child involved in the divorce case to any one of the spouse. A number of factors have to be considered in such a case and it is often a rather complicated case to solve. The other thing is when a man needs to be declared as the father of a child, that is to say proving the paternity of a child. The Marrison Family Law firm is an adept in handling cases such as these too.
  3. Name Changes: the change in the name of an adult or a child legally, is done at a family court and is considered a family law case.
  4. Guardianship: this is a case to determine who will be held responsible for the personal, medical as well as financial decisions of a child or in some cases an adult, who is unable to take care of himself.
  5. Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights: if the family court finds that a particular parent is not eligible to take care of a child then he/she or both may be terminated from their rights and parents and these rights given to someone more responsible.
  6. Juvenile Matters: all sorts of cases related to children such as child neglect, child abuse or any other illegal behavior of the child are attended to by a family court.
  7. Emancipation and Approval of Underage Marriages: finally, any boy or girl under the age of 18 can appeal to a family court if they want to be emancipated from the control of their parents.

The range of family law is pretty wide and you must be aware of every little aspect that it covers. A good family law attorney always comes helpful in such cases.