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The military has its own rules and regulations that apply only to military personnel and not on civilians. So, when military servicemen are convicted of a crime on duty, their cases go to court-martial or military courts rather than civilian courts. This crime may range from homicide, sexual assault, disobeying superior officer’s command, drug possessions and fraud and larceny etc. Whichever the crime you are convicted of, if the allegations are proved to be true, it will entail serious legal actions. Not only it will be a stain on your honor, you will be ripped off your court rank, and live a life of disgrace.

The military is a career of honor and military men are respected for protecting the peace of the country. But once you are convicted of a crime in the military even if the charges are false, can jeopardize your career. So at that time, you would need a legal representation of a good lawyer. When it comes to military defense, Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart is the best law firm in the US. This is a law firm that specializes in military defense cases and has represented lots of military personnel in the courtroom.

Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart

Court-martial is a trial conducted against a military person over allegations in criminal cases. The Uniform Code of Military Justice mentions the offenses based on which a military officer can be presented for a court-martial. The UCMJ is very intricate legislation and having keen knowledge can be very challenging. So, not all lawyers can represent you in court-martial cases like lawyers from the Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart. These lawyers have served as a prosecutor or a defense attorney in the military and they utilize that experience to bring the best judgments in your case.

Whenever you are tried for a court-martial, the duration of the trial depends on the allegations against you. If they are not serious, the trial will be finished in half a day but otherwise can stretch up to several weeks. If you are wrongly accused of a crime, then you would like relief from your allegation as soon as possible. As the more the trial stretched, the more unfavorable it becomes for you. The professional military defense lawyers from the Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart represent you for any type of allegations.

Military law is very complicated and it would take lawyers like Jocelyn C. Stewart to achieve victory in legal battles. She doesn’t take more cases for volume but believes in representing a single person that she can help the most. So instead of taking more cases for profit, she focuses all her attention on a single client and thoroughly represents them. Moreover her service is specifically for a military court-martial cases instead of civil defense and federal jurisdictions. Her experience as a military prosecutor combined with military defense attorney allows her to see the facts that other lawyers may miss.

When it comes to defending an accused, the advocacy and persuasive skills of the lawyer are what determines the outcome. And only that lawyer can have that in a military defense that has the knowledge of the military laws and regulatory codes. Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart consists that talented lawyers that can help you clear allegations on you. The lawyers at this law firm thoroughly investigate your case and collect required evidence. All of this is to ensure that you don’t face any injustice in the court and doesn’t have to give up your career in the military. For more information on services of Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart, visit their official website.

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