Legal Tips That May Help You Fight Deportation

Every month, so many immigrants await removal hearings. Contrary to popular belief, not all immigrants are felons, a number of deportees have had no criminal offenses besides being charged with traffic violation and immigration.

Deportation is not as easy as filling in a PTO request form sample, the regulations surrounding it can be very confusing for the people facing it. One of the ways to fight deportation is by finding a good legal counsel, however, here are some of the tips that can help you fight it:

Legal Tips

  1. Find an Immigration Attorney

Before anything else, this should be the first decision you make. If you attempt fights your deportation without the proper legal assistance, you might make mistakes that will rob you of the opportunity to remain in the US.

To find the right attorney, you need to ask the right questions. Asking questions makes sure that you and the immigration attorney are on the same page with your situation and your expectations. Make sure that the both of you see eye to eye.

  1. Define Your Immigration Status

Before you and your attorney build a case, it is crucial that you understand your current immigration status. You may be legally in the state on a visa, or living on an expired visa, or staying in the country even after entering without the proper documentation.

There are also rare cases where a person discovers that he or she is actually an American citizen even though the visa expired. Discussing your current status with your attorney will allow you to discover some of the options you have to move forward.

  1. Find Out Why You’re On The Verge of Being Deported

One of the main causes of deportation is when you get arrested for an alleged crime, or in contact with the criminal justice system. One of the most common provocation is the DUI proceedings. DUI charges tend to bring light that a person is in the state illegally. Finding out why you are facing deportation will help you know how to proceed in defending yourself and what to disclose to the immigration judge.

  1. Find Out If It’s Possible To Adjust Your Status

Check if you are eligible for any adjustment on your immigration status especially if you are a non-permanent resident. You may be eligible for permanent residency depending on your country of origin, family, or work. In this case, you may avoid being removed from the country. Whether you entered the country illegally or fraudulently, this option may be viable.

  1. Apply for Political Asylum

Your attorney may advise you to apply for political asylum for you to remain in the country. By applying for asylum you are considered a refugee from your native country, and America is keeping you safe. You could get the right help by getting an asylum attorney who will specifically get you the help to get it done.

  1. Contemplate Alternatives to Deportation

It comes to a point where fight deportation includes knowing when to want out and fight another day. The other thing worse than facing deportation is the negative effects that come with a removal order. To avoid embarrassment or an unnecessary scandal, you can willingly leave the country. Buying a ticket beats removal and it may make it easier for a lawful re-entry.

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