Long-time Attorney in Binghamton Has Been Disbarred

New York State’s Attorney Grievance Committee has forced a Binghamton attorney to close his practice after disbarment. The court decided to strip Craig Fritzschof his license to practice law legally within the state. He has been ordered to terminate his career as a legal counsel before March 21st. Last summer, Fritzsch suffered from a temporary suspension from practice by the same court. The suspension was held until a conclusion could be reached regarding an investigation against the lawyer.

The Appellate Division of Supreme Court released their official decision in a four-page document. According to the Third Judicial Department, the longtime attorney who holds an office in the centerfo downtown Binghamton failed repeatedly to respond to allegations that were levied against him.

Long-time Attorney in Binghamton

In defense of these charges, Fritszch was claiming that the court was basing the suspension decision on misguided information. He vowed to fight the charges against him in court. Fritzsch claims that he appealed the decision to the highest judicial authority in New York, the Court of Appeals. The Binghamton attorney also claims that the state owes him fund for counsel appointments that were assigned by the court.

Despite the claims made by Fritszch, the court maintains that the lawyer failed to attend disciplinary hearings that took place after the six-month suspension. The court has also reported that Fritzsche was unresponsive when officials reached out for excuses justifying his absence during the proceedings. The court said that Fritzsch has failed to comply in a meaningful fashion with the investigations within the six-month period following the suspensions.

The Grievance Committee, formerly called the Committee on Professional Standards, was investigating Fritzsch for threats he made against an opposing counsel in 2016. A second complaint was brought against the lawyer alleging an inherent conflict of interest regarding a relative’s estate. Last year The Grievance Committee was reviewing the case of another attorney – Frederick Oberlander. The Committee ruled that Oberlander had engaged in illegal conduct revealing illegally obtained evidence.

The court determined that Fritzsch should end his practice in June as his conduct was immediately threatening the public interest. During his suspension, Fritzsch was prohibited from practicing law or working with any other legal firm in the state. Fritzsch has been working as a lawyer since 1984. he graduated from the University of Buffalo’s School of Law. Despite his 35 years of practice as an attorney in New York, the Attorney Grievance Committee decided to disbar Fritzsch from ever practicing law again.

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