Medical Malpractice

Making A Claim for Medical Negligence

Although the NHS and other healthcare providers offer a high level of service in most instances and offer an invaluable service, there are occasions when accidents happen or when that level of service falls below a certain standard. Everybody has a bad day at work, and many people make mistakes but, unfortunately, when a doctor, nurse, or other trained healthcare professional makes a mistake it can have serious and even dire consequences.

Whether you’ve been misdiagnosed, have suffered an injury or illness because of a lack of treatment, or you have endured poor treatment, you may be able to claim compensation, and with the help of medical negligence solicitors in Canterbury, you should be able to claim for any loss or damages that you have endured as a result. Many people avoid making claims against the NHS because they do not think they will be able to win the case, or because they believe that medical professionals are untouchable, but if you have suffered loss and it can be shown that this loss was caused as a direct result of negligence, then you have a good chance of successfully claiming.

Claim for Medical Negligence

The actual amount of compensation that is entitled to will depend on the type and severity of injury or illness that you suffer. As well as receiving an amount for the suffering that you were caused, you should also receive compensation to directly cover any financial losses that have arisen and that are expected to arise from the negligence.

Medical negligence solicitors in Canterbury will consider your loss of earnings. They will look at any losses you have already incurred through having to take time off, as well as any loss that you are likely to suffer in the future. It is important to consider a future loss of earnings because only claiming for current losses means that you may have a substantial shortfall to meet later. Other losses may also be included, and these can range from any medical costs to the cost of having your car or even house modified for any disabilities that you have suffered.

Your Canterbury personal injury solicitors may need to use expert witnesses to help with your claim. They will usually advise the court on the level and type of treatment that should have been given, and they will help to point out that a reasonable, experienced, and qualified professional would have made a different choice to the one that your doctor made. The courts will take this into account, although it is also possible that the other party will call on expert witnesses too. Your expert witnesses should also help determine any impact your injury or illness will have in the future, therefore helping ensure that you receive the level of compensation that you need in order to be able to live as full a life as possible.

Medical negligence claims can be long and complex, but personal injury solicitors in Canterbury can help to ensure that you have the best possible chance of a successful claim, and they can help ensure that you receive a suitable and fair compensation figure.

If you have suffered medical negligence and endured injury or illness resulting in a loss, then Girdling’s Solicitors can help build a personal injury case and ensure that you receive a fair compensation figure.

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