The Essentials You Must Know About Child Support

Child support is a recurring (often monthly) payment made by the noncustodial parent to assist the custodial parent with the costs of raising the child. The court usually determines the amount to be paid, often after the divorce or legal separation has ended or once paternity is established. The laws and guidelines that govern the livelihood of children vary from state to state.

Children’s livelihood

The child support is used to cover the daily needs of the child. These needs are food, clothing and housing. They can also be education, medical care, day care and other services or items that the children require. In some cases, the amount of support ordered by the judge can improve the standard of living of the parent who has acquired the custody of the child. You can get the assistance of the child support lawyer in the Minneapolis area when you face issues.

Child support calculated

About Child Support

As in the case of child custody and visitation, the courts make decisions on child support in the best interests of the child. Most states have established guidelines to determine the extent of support that will be granted. In many jurisdictions, it is determined by taking the income of both of the parents into account. In other states, the extent of child support is based solely on the income of the noncustodial parent. However, this consideration is not limited to the salary of the parents.

Pay for child support

The child support usually lasts until the child reaches the age of majority. In many states, the age of majority is 18, but it can be extended until the child finishes high school. Some states consider 21 as the age of majority. Many provinces have laws that require payments to be made after the age of majority if the child has a physical or mental disability.

Modify an order

An order regarding the support of children may be subject to further modification. Both the noncustodial parent and the other party can request the amendment of the law on child support. This may be based on a change in economic circumstances, such as loss of employment or a medical emergency. To obtain the modification, the parent must apply to the same court that issued the original order.

Child support applied

Once the court issues the order on child support, it can be modified in several ways. One way is getting assistance from the agency in charge of issuing child support orders locally. This agency can do it by garnishing the salary, which means that support is taken directly from the income of the non-custodial parent.

The order to withhold income (for wage garnishment) can be issued by a court or in some states, by the agency responsible for issuing child support orders locally. The agency may use other methods of collection, such as seizing refunds of federal or state income tax, garnishing bank accounts and suspending driver’s licenses. The child support lawyer in the Minneapolis area will brief the best. In some cases, the custodial parent may request the court to issue a civil contempt order against the other party. This can lead to a house arrest, probation or even imprisonment.

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