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The Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery is the Diversity Immigrant Visa program in the United States for receiving the permanent resident card in the United States. This lottery is conducted annually by the department of the state of the United States. This lottery provides 50000 permanent resident visas annually to residents of countries that have low rates of immigration to the United States. The Green Card Lottery was first conducted in the year 1995. Earlier only winners were notified by email but from 2010 all applicants could verify whether they were selected or not. Besides providing the right to live in the United states, the green card also provides you legal right to work. The criteria for determining the eligibility is that the people must be born in the countries that are eligible.

After selection on basis of country, the candidate must fulfill the criteria of education of higher secondary or work experience in an occupation. The requirement for the occupation is to be qualified is at least two years of training or experience. The nations like Ethiopia, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iran are among the countries which have the most number of users of the DV lottery. This program selects more than 100000 applicants although only 50000 diversity visas are available. The reason for this is the possibility of some of the applicants not satisfying general requirements for immigration. There are a number of reasons for people applying for the Green Card Lottery.

The Green Card Lottery

First reason is that a lot of people want to work and reside in the United States because it is one of the leading nations in the world. It is the largest economy in the world. The currency of the United States – the US dollar is the most used currency in transactions worldwide The United States is also the highest ranked in the GDP (nominal gross domestic product).  One of the reasons for numerous applications for the Green Card Lottery is that many immigrants are from developing countries where living conditions are poor and rate of unemployment is high. If they do have a job, the income is very small and the U.S. minimum income is much more than the money earned in developing countries. Average personal income in United States is $49,000 annually which is much more than that in developing countries and it is a major reason for people applying for this Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery.

Due to immigration of some criminals to United States by this lottery, a detailed analysis of the DV Lottery issues has been made by the Congressional Research Service. The method to enter the lottery is by filling and sending the electronic form online at the website of U.S. State Department. The form filling and sending takes place during the period of registration. There are a number of companies and websites that take money for providing the means for filling the form for the lottery. Some of these websites or companies make false claims that by filling forms through their website or company the chances of winning the lottery are increased. A number of problems have been identified with the DV lottery in numerous countries comprising of Ghana, Ukraine, Albania in assessment reports.