What Can an Abilify Lawyer do For You?

Aripiprazole received its approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in the year 2002. Aripiprazole or now commonly known as Abilify is an antipsychotic drug that can aid in the treatment of several mental and psychological disorders. Some of the ailments that Abilify can be useful in treating include the following: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Even though its usefulness let it gain its place as part of the list of antipsychotic drugs on the market, the manufacturers may or may not intentionally forgotten to place the potentially harmful effects when using this medication. One of the most apparent side effect with the use of Abilify includes the development of an obsession for gambling. Patients that have incurred losses because of this medicine can file a class action lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturers.

Abilify Lawyer

Abilify and its Link to Compulsive Gambling

Abilify did show a lot of promise because it can help in treating several mental and psychological disorders, it’s also linked to several disturbing obsessive and compulsive behaviors. Some users reported that they began an uncontrollable urge to have sex, eat a lot of food, shop until they go broke, and go gambling until they’ve accrued an immense pile of debt. One of the reasons as to why the use of Abilify can lead to compulsive gambling is because the new mental disorder is because it plays a role in manipulating neurotransmitters. When a person gambles, you’d feel happy and enthused. However, if you lose at gambling, you’d want to push further until you can win that jackpot. Abilify can amplify these feelings to no end, and this can be dangerous as it can destroy the quality of life for the patient. Even patients who haven’t had any gambling histories may feel that they want to start playing bingo, betting at sporting events, and stick to the slots.

How Can Abilify Cause Compulsive Behavior

The use of Abilify is quite unique, even in the pharmaceutical world. The drug acts on the chemical receptors found in the brain, especially regarding serotonin and dopamine. Many people who already have mental disorders will generally have an imbalance found in these receptors. Patients will have their dopamine and serotonin levels become excited even with virtually no stimulation. Abilify was meant to balance all of these instances out. However, there are some cases when Abilify can overstimulate the dopamine and serotonin receptors, which, in turn, will cause compulsive behaviors.

What Can an Abilify Lawyer do for You

If you or a loved one took Abilify and developed a compulsive need to gamble or any other excessive behavior, then you can get in touch with an expert Abilify or medical attorney to help you out. In doing so, you may even find that you’re eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers that developed this particular drug.

How Can I Know If I’m Eligible to Receive Compensation From Abilify Use?

When you call or set an appointment with an Abilify lawyer, they can give you the right guidelines to help you know if you’re eligible to receive compensation from the use of the drug. The compensation you may receive include (but are not limited to) the following: the cost of treatment for the compulsive gambling behavior, punitive damages, and the compensation for the loss of cash while gambling under the influence.

You should owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact an Abilify lawyer if you developed a gambling addiction or other excessive compulsive behavior after you’ve been prescribed for this drug.

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