Why Everyone Should Go to the Doctor after a Car Accident

Car accidents are terrifying, and the ensuing medical treatment and possible legal consequences can seem like a hassle. Because of this, many people just try to “walk it off,” refusing medical attention and hoping that a good night’s sleep will take care of their injuries. While the impulse to avoid the doctor, and take your chances on your own is understandable (the thinking being that insurance companies and doctors are costly and tiresome) it is a terrible practice. You should always go to the doctor after a car accident, no matter how minor you believe your injuries are at the time. That crick in your neck may not wear off; in fact, it could get a lot worse and, because of your refusal to receive immediate medical care, your ability to get insurers’ assistance will be diminished.

Car Accident

Don’t sacrifice your health the medical arguments for going to the doctor are pretty simple. The reluctance you may have about seeking medical treatment because of costs and expense is not worth it. The costs of a worsening injury that stop your ability to work and live your life are far worse than paying for a trip to the emergency room or your doctor. Your health comes first. There are also biological reasons that you may not be feeling pain right away after the accident. In a car accident, your adrenaline kicks in. Adrenaline, a “fight or flight” bodily hormone, masks any pain that we’re enduring in a stressful, dangerous situation because pain may inhibit us from taking necessary actions to ensure our survival. Just because you think you’re ok at the moment doesn’t mean you are — you might just not be feeling it, or worse, you may not be making decisions sensibly.

Car accident injuries aren’t always like other injuries Car accident injuries are different from those you see in other accidents because they don’t always manifest themselves in dramatic bruising, broken bones, or abrasions. Soft-tissue injuries and organ damage may not be immediately visible, and neck and back injuries, two of the most common ailments reported from a car accident, don’t always show up. You could be feeling fine after the first two days of a car accident only to realize your injuries as the symptoms hit you. With the prevalence of spinal cord damage as a result of car accidents, going to the doctor immediately is absolutely necessary.

From an insurance standpoint, you have to go When it comes to insurance, documentation, and diligence is key. If you go to a doctor right away after the accident, you will not only be putting your health first and ensuring that you’re taking all the necessary steps to protect yourself, you will also be showing the insurance company that this injury is legitimate and you have been consistent in your handling of it. It looks suspicious when someone gets in a car accident and then doesn’t develop an injury until several months later.

 While that type of delayed health crisis isn’t unheard of, it will be questioned by the insurance company’s lawyer. If a dispute arises, insurance companies and their lawyers will take the argument to the court, and they will do so knowing how hard it can be for a person to defend themselves. If you end up in a dispute or your insurance company continues to issue denials of your injuries or claim, you should seek the services of a personal injury attorney who has the experience and skills necessary to fight for your rights in court. Even if you don’t believe that your injuries are serious enough to warrant immediately going to the doctor or emergency room, you need to go anyway, not just for medical purposes, but for insurance ones as well. You need to show that you have been diligent in your healthcare and that whatever injury you experience, particularly a neck or back injury, is something that has been a pressing issue for you that needs resolution.

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