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Why Witness Cameras Are Essential To Fleet Operators

Witness cameras record critical events and these recordings can be reviewed later, if something were to happen, and can be used to clear drivers of wrongdoing (or otherwise) and also help to avoid mistakes and accidents later on down the line also. Footage from witness cameras can be transmitted via 3/4G connections or over WiFi.

All of this data can then be stored onsite, ready to be reviewed as and when required by the fleet manager or any other authorised person.

When your business relies on the vehicles it operates, it is important that your fleet, however large or small, is able to run as effectively as possible. It is for this reason that fleet managers are increasingly turning to dash and witness cameras to help identify issues and avoid them in the future.

Witness cameras not only help to identify and avoid issues on the road (driver’s fault or otherwise), they can also speed up insurance claims arising from accidents and help reduce the amount of time that a damaged vehicle is kept off the road. Understandably, keeping vehicles on the road where they are needed is a top priority of any fleet manager.

Simply having witness cameras can reduce road traffic accidents. Conducted surveys have shown that simply having witness cameras installed have the potential to reduce accidents by as much as 45%. It would seem that drivers that know they could be constantly monitored take fewer risks, drive more responsibly and thus are involved in far fewer accidents that they themselves could have avoided.

Avoid insurance and accident scams

Because everything is recorded, including vehicle location and speed as well as video and audio, witness cameras can help in proving the innocence of the driver in any fraudulent scheme to claim compensation or insurance payments on behalf of the other party.

So-called ‘crash for cash’ schemes that aim to defraud insurance companies can all but be eliminated for fleets that are fitted with witness cameras. As these, usually, organised crooks begin to realise which companies have them fitted, they will move away knowing full well that their scheme will be uncovered in any collision.

As well reducing fraud and protecting drivers, having witness cameras installed in fleet vehicles can also help to reduce overall insurance premium payments. This of course depends on the insurance company, but any fleet manager considering the installation of witness cameras should check with their insurers too – it is possible that they offer lower premiums that the fleet manager is not yet aware of.

Witness cameras are certainly a wise investment in any case, and can help managers of any fleet size save a considerable amount of money over the course of a year. It is probably worth your time taking a look at the witness cameras on offer here; whatever the size of your fleet or budget, there is sure to be something here that will suit you and your fleet’s needs and requirements.

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